Sanam Styrka Ltd. was established in 1997 as a limited liability company for production, trade, engineering and consulting. The company is among the companies medium-sized enterprises. The main activity is the distribution of medical equipment, medical supplies and specialized programs of natural food supplements manufacturers: Boule Medical AB Sweden, Linear Chemical SL Spain, BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Srl, Italy, Skytex TEXTILE SAGLIK VE MATB. MALZ.SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI., Turkey, DFI Co.LTd Korea LumiQuick America, Nutri Ltd. United Kingdom, TOP GLOVE SDN Malaysia, Gima SPA Italy, TITANOX Srl Italy, Medical Export Italy, Megro Germany, ELMASLAR IMALAT TIBBI CIHAZLAR INS.TAS.ITH.IHR.SAN.VE TIC AS, Turkey, Nurteks Textile Nakis San. Tic.Ltd Sti, Bilimsel Tibbi Urunler Paz.San already Tic.Ltd. Sti Turkey, Forlong Medical China, Diamond Diagnostics America

With a professionally trained staff, necessary permits and a certificate issued by the Ministry, as well as products registered with the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sanam Styrka Ltd. owns and ISO 9001: 2008, which confirms its aspiration to the highest international standards in the trade, distribution, service and consulting in the field of diabetes, medical supplies, equipment and accessories for family medicine, nutritional food supplements, natural organic cosmetics, natural organic food and devices for preparation of natural food.

Professional and expert approach, along with numerous references, Sanam Styrka Ltd. Sarajevo is completely overcome all obstacles competition and set up criteria and standards poslovanja.Dokaz that the success, profitability and sustained growth of traffic that exceeds the average growth firms medium-sized enterprises in the trade of medical devices

If you find now in a period of global recession which was not spared from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sanam Styrka Ltd. proudly boasts that it remained stable link between producers and end users
With a business philosophy based on the fact "The customer is king", a satisfied customer is our best reference, but also our greatest motivation to do better, better and more responsible


COMPANY : SANAM STYRKA d.o.o. a limited liability company for production, trade, engineering and consulting

.Short name SANAM STYRKA d.o.o
Adress: Sarajevo, Antuna Hangija 35
Main activity: Transport of medical supplies and wholesale
Legal form: Limited liability company
Members/founders: MA.Havica Hećo

Procurator: - MA.Havica Hećo, MA.Zaim Hećo

Director: Dr.Sanela Hećo
ID PDV: 200253360007 JIB:4200253360007

(Registration court: CANTONAL COURT in Sarajevo, registration number 65-01-0801- 15  (old number 1-19870

Bank account: Privredna banka DD Sarajevo: 1011010000060273

Sparkasse Bank DD Sarajevo: 1990490005872815

  • Antuna Hangija 35, 71 000 Sarajevo
  • 387-33-922-244+ ; 387-33-204-696+
  • 387-33-922-594+

Sanam Styrka

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